Peak Farms

    Peak Farms offers wholesale orders to suit both small and large orders.  Our award winning Fraser fir are always shipped fresh and on time.  We offer a variety of sizes ranging from table tops to trees up to 24 feet.  Shipping can be arranged or provided to suit the customer and their needs.  Peak Farms also offers palletized Christmas trees that can reduce unload times and provide easy storage at your retail locations.
Palletized trees are becoming the norm for large orders.  It allows retailers with loading docks to unload and sort entire loads of trees with only one person, your lift operator.  It also allows you to store more trees in a smaller location by stacking your palletized trees two high.
We offer palletized trees in sizes ranging from 5' to 8'.  Pallets can be made with all one size or a mixture of sizes. 

Size                        Quantity        
5' to 6'                        45
6' to 7'                        35
7' to 8'                        25

    Semi trucks with 53' trailers are capable of hauling 26 pallets with a variety of sizes.  Price list are availble apon request though our contact form.

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